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Business Development Iran

After ending of the various sanctions against Iran Sigmament Consulting GmbH & CoKG intensifies the Market Development, cooperates with local partners and enables business with Iranian companies.


Sigmament supports non-Iranian companies, to choose the right type of enterprise in Iran for low bureaucracy and easy transactions.


Service Catalog for these enterprises, who look for subsidiaries in Iran:
• Foundation, bank account, official channels
• Company address and offices 
• Infrastructure like phone lines, internet, website, employees, driver
• Finding tax advisors

• Proof of concepts and toll free opportunities for your business


Business Development for enterprises, who want to develop business in Iran:

• Contacting with potential sales partners
• Sales of European products in Iran
• Sourcing for Iranian companies
• Trade of consumer goods, machines, furniture, etc.
• Foundation of general agents

• Building of productions- and assembly facilities


Services for IT- and Technology companies:

• Outsourcing of software development with large Iranian Software company

• Access to technology centers

• Sourcing of technical services in Iran


Services for Financial and Real Estate companies:

• Investment in Iranian Start-ups and projects
Investment in Real Estate projects


General Services:
• Translation from/to Farsi
• Search for Sponsorships and fundings
• Search for hotel/apartements for business trips

FANAP IT-Outsourcing and Software Development
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